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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Gems From My Collection: The Mod Revival Part One

Bank Holiday Weekends always remind me of times down at a beach town (especially Brighton and Hastings). I found myself there a few times back when I was younger. Firstly for a UK Subs show on Hastings Pier with local Mod band Teenbeats as support. Another time it was Brighton when I accompanied seasoned DJ Jerry Floyd for a huge show on The Lambrettas Beat Boys in the Jet Age tour. Another time it was for a show by The Chords.

The music of the Mod Revival of 1979 is a bit of a pick and mix, not all of it was great but there were a few bands who were fantastic live and just happened to make brilliant records. I thought I'd share a few bits and pieces that I have in my own collection that still thrill me when I hear them today. Click on the links to enjoy the music.

You cannot really focus on The Mod Revival without actually thinking about The Jam. They popped up in the nation's conciousness back in May 1977 with their ground breaking debut album 'In The City' on Polydor records.

Another band in 1977 who were destined to play an important part in The Mod Revival of 1979 are Power Pop's New Hearts featuring Ian Page and Dave Cairns. They only released two singles on CBS before regrouping and forming what would be one of the stand out bands of the time in Secret Affair.

My World.
I'm Not Free (But I'm Cheap).
Glory Boys.
Going To A Go Go.

Their debut on I-Spy Records, 'Glory Boys' I still think stands the test of time and is loaded with brilliant songs including the excellent 'Days of Change' and 'I'm Not Free (But I'm Cheap)'. After another two albums they packed it all in back in 1982 but are currently back on the circuit and released a new album 'Soho Dreams' (Listen to 'Walk Away' here) in 2012.

The Chords were another at the forefront of the new Mod movement and they released some cracking material. Their debut album, 'So Far Away' doesn't have a single track on it that you would skip over (the whole album used to be on You Tube but I can't seem to find it now).
Now It's Gone.
It's No Use.
Something's Missing.
Maybe Tomorrow.
Tumbling Down.
Happy Families.
So Far Away.

Lastly for this post one of my favourites from back then and a band I got to see many many times - Teenbeats. Their first single was a cover of The Troggs classic:

And probably one of the best singles ever to be released from a band as part of the Mod Revival - Teenbeats' 2nd single on Safari Records:

Coming up in Part 2: Long Tall Shorty, Purple Hearts, Back to Zero, The Killermeters, and more.
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