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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rewind: 1980 Bankrobber - The Clash Released in the UK

 (UK release Picture Cover)

On this day back in CBS in the UK gave into the pressure and released 'Bankrobber' on single. The Clash had wanted to release it as the follow up single to 'London Calling' but CBS refused.

In Holland though the track was released on a 33⅓ rpm 7" as the B-Side of 'Train in Vain'. It had been available in the UK on import and had sold really well.

When CBS finally released the single it went to #12 in the Charts.

(Dutch Release Picture Cover)

The B-Side on the UK Single was 'Rockers Galore' featuring Mikey Dread. The Clash had wanted a 12" release of the single as well and wanted to include a Dub Version of 'Bankrobber' entitled 'Robber Dub', but again CBS refused. The Dub Version would eventually turn up on the 1980 Compilation 'Black Market Clash' combined with 'Bankrobber', and then on the 1994 Compilation 'Super Black Market Clash', as a stand alone track.

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