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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Alphabet Beats #113: Q is for....Questions

is for...

The Letter Q I have a feeling is going to pose a few issues, like finding an artist etc that I like that begins with the letter, so for the first one I have decided to be a bit topical.

Music has always asked questions, it doesn't always provide the answers to what we are asking. Sometimes the question is as stupid as the one posed by Lonnie Donnegan - 'Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour On The Bedpost Over Night' and other times it's a question of great spiritual depth like the one asked by Casting Crowns - 'Who Am I?' Sometimes we don't get the answer that we want, and at other times we don't get an answer at all. Carolyn Arends once said, speaking spiritually, that we don't always get the answer and sometimes we just have to live with the questions and in many senses Johnny Nash was correct when he released his 1972 single, 'There Are More Questions Than Answers'. We begin with that and see what unfolds.

Click on the links to enjoy the music. These are just a smattering of the questions. I scribbled down a list in prep for this and I came up with at least 200!
 The Questions

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