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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Greatest Live Album of All Time?

Rolling Stone Magazine yesterday posted their choices for the 50 Greatest Live Albums of All Time. Looking at it I realised I have 24 of the albums mentioned!

The James Brown album (above) is considered to be the #1 Greatest Live Album. Now, I'm not wanting to be too picky about this because it's an outstanding album, but surely The Allman Brothers 'At Filmore East' is way more superior!

On that note here's my favourite Live Albums:

The Soundtrack4Life Top Ten
Live Albums

* You will notice the absence of the Live 1975-85 boxset from the list, this is due to it being recorded over a decade rather than one or two nights. The Live in New York City album would have been higher on the list if those who had been editing the show and sequencing it had put the songs in a logical order because whilst good it actually sounds quite disjointed!

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