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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Colour Me Wednesday

Saw these ladies, Colour Me Wednesday, supporting The Darling Buds at the start of the month, they had a drummer called Sam at the time and I recently found out it was his last show with them, shame that. Hope they find a new drummer soon.

I thought that live they sounded like a cross between The Shop Assistants and 'Allo Darlin' but that might just be me. Whatever the case they were impressive and held their own on a bill that included two Indie Stalwarts from the 1980's - The Popinjays and The Darling Buds.

The band is fronted by sisters Jennifer (lead vocals) and Harriet Doveton (guitar) and Carmela Pietrangelo is the bassist (they've seemingly had a few bass players down through the life of the band and on their album, which we will get to momentarily, they offer thanks to "All the ex-bassists"), as I said, Sam Brackly was on the drums but he is no more (not in the sense that he's departed this mortal coil!).

Click on the links to enjoy the fresh sounds of Colour Me Wednesday.

Discount Horse Records
Details for How To Get It: Click Here.

The first single from the album I Thought It Was Morning was 'Shut' which was released in July last year.

Colour Me Wednesday have also released a 10 track Split Album with Washington DC band Spoonboy. Colour Me Wednesday contributed 5 songs to it. This was released on 27th May 2014 for Lauren Records.

The band have their own facebook page as well .

Colour Me Wednesday Live

So, it's Wednesday, why not add some Colour to it!

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