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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Alphabet Beats #069: J is for..The Juliana Theory

J is for....

The Juliana Theory was an American rock quintet from Greensburg and Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The Juliana Theory signed to Tooth and Nail Records. The group later signed to Epic Records for the release of the album Love. The Juliana Theory released their final studio album on independent label Paper Fist before disbanding in 2006. The band played eight reunion shows in Summer 2010.

 A Small Noise (2006), Selection of tracks from first two studio albums, Tooth and Nail Records

    Understand This Is a Dream (1999), Tooth and Nail Records
    Emotion Is Dead (2000), Tooth and Nail Records
    Love (2003), Epic Records U.S. No. 71

    Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat (2005), Abacus Recordings

    "This Is a Lovesong... for the Loveless" – 3:36
    "We Make the Road by Walking" – 3:52
    "Shotgun Serenade" – 4:11
    "Leave Like a Ghost (Drive Away)" – 3:45
    "My Heart Is a Soldier" – 3:21
    "I Love You to Death (Drive Safe)" – 3:52
    "This Valentine Ain't No Saint" – 3:49
    "10,000 Questions" – 3:59
    "The Final Song" – 4:11
    "French Kiss Off" – 4:06

    Hidden Track "Her Velvet Voice" starts 4:40 goes for 10:06 total of the two tracks 14:06

Music from Another Room EP (2001), Tooth and Nail Records
Live 10.13.2001 (2003), Live recording from 2001, Tooth and Nail Records

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