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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Alphabet Beats #073: K is for....Kutless

K is for....

 "Sometimes my life it feels so trivial
Immersed in the greatness of space
Yet somehow you still find the time for me
It's then You show me Your love"
from 'Sea of Faces' by Kutless 

Hozier and Sinead O'Connor sing a song called 'Take Me To Church' and even the Foo Fighters were singing about The Congregation on their lastest album and as today is Sunday, Soundtrack4Life is going to take you to Church with the music of Kutless.

Kutless is a rock band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1999. Since their formation, they have released seven studio albums including their latest, Glory. The band has also released a live album, Live from Portland (see video below). Currently, they have sold over 3 million records worldwide.

The Music
    Kutless (2002)
    Sea of Faces (2004)
    Strong Tower (2005)
    Hearts of the Innocent (2006)
    To Know That You're Alive (2008)
    It Is Well (2009)
    Believer (2012)
    The Worship Collection (2013)
    Glory (2014) 

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