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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Alphabet Beats #070: J is for....

J is for....

"Jazz is restless. It won't stay put and it never will." 
- J.J. Johnson

Jazz is one of those styles of music that has not been on my musical radar apart from a few artists here and there down through the years. Looking into it for today's final Alphabet Beats focusing on the Letter J I soon discovered that it's a very complex genre of music that has a truckload of sub-genres as well (just like other genres: Metal, Reggae, Soul, The Blues etc). So, having very little knowledge of it means I cannot speak with any great authority on what artist fits into a particular category, so it's probably best just to share the music and leave it up to those who know better to sort it all out.

I was particularly helped by UDiscover website article listing the Top 50 Jazz Albums of All Time and today's choices are mainly taken from there.

Click on the links to enjoy the music.

So we begin with what they considered to be the best Jazz Album Ever: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

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