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Friday, 20 March 2015

Alphabet Beats #078: L is for...Long Tall Shorty

L is for...

Long Tall Shorty were a  band associated with the mod revival of the late 70's that formed in 1978 in London. They recorded several singles before splitting up in 1982, when lead singer Tony Perfect (Tony Morrison) left to join Angelic Upstarts. Reforming in 2000, they have recorded and released several albums.

For information regarding Long Tall Shorty click here for an interview I did with Tony Morrison** way back in 2010 (one of the first interviews I did for Soundtrack4Life).

More LTS Music  
    "Win Or Lose" (Single) Ramkup, 1981
    "On The Streets Again" (Single) Diamond Records 1984
    "Shine On Me" (Single) Acid Jazz 2001
    A Bird in the Hand (Album) Acid Jazz, 2002*
    Completely Perfect (Album) Detour, 2002
    No Good Women (Single) Biff Bang Pow, 2005
Women and Trouble (Album)
Biff Bang Pow, 2005   
 The Sounds Of Giffer City (Album) Time For Action Records 2009*
    Kick Out The Shams (Album) – Time For Action Records, June 2010*

*Incomplete Albums
**Tony Morrison is currently playing guitar for Sham 69
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