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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Soundtrack4Life Albums of the Year 2013

It's a tough choice this year thinking about what the possible favourite Album of the Year is. I started with a very long list and have edited it down to a bit of a shorter long list. Out of that I selected what I can consider to be my best of the year. I make no apologies for the choices because they are my choices. They may not have been the biggest selling albums or even by artists who are particularly "hip", but they are my choices. These are the things that excited me in music this year and as ever it is a nice mixture of different sounds that somehow have collided together give me a whole lot of joy.
Here's a Playlist of some of my favourites from the year including many that didn't quite make the Top Ten.

Boz Scaggs - Memphis

 Click here to see a previous post where I spotlighted the 'Memphis' Album.

Eddie and the Hot Rods - Live at The Rainbow 1977
Previous Post relating to 'Live at The Rainbow 1977'.

Jars of Clay - Inland

Jelly - Troubadour, Wizard, The Queen and The Machine

Various Artists - A Concert For Kirsty

Previous post regarding Kirsty MacColl that included a spotlight on this superb concert.

The Godfathers - Jukebox Fury

Interview with Del Bartles of The Godfathers originally posted in March 2013.

The Strypes - Snapshot

Tankus The Henge - The Last Days Are Coming.

Previous post spotlighting Tankus The Henge and this really exceptional album.

John Fogerty - Wrote A Song For Everyone

Previous post from May 2013 spotlighting this brilliant album by a true Rock and Roll Legend.

Ruts DC - Rhythm Collision Volume 2
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