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Monday, 4 May 2015

Alphabet Beats #118: R is for....Ruts/Ruts DC

R is for....

L to R: Paul Fox (RIP), Segs Jennings, Malcom Owen (RIP), and Dave Ruffy.

Today happens to be the birthday of Segs Jennings so birthday wishes go out to one of the finest bass men ever.

Click on the links to listen and to the music.   

The Crack (1979)

Their first single was 'In A Rut' released in 1979 on Misty in Roots' People Unite Label.

Savage Circle.
Babylon's Burning.
Dope For Guns.
Black Man's Pinch.
Criminal Mind.

In A Rut.
Secret Soldiers.
Staring At the Rude Boys.
Demolition Dancing.

Love in Vain (b-side to 'Staring at the Rude Boys'). - Quite possibly one of the saddest songs ever recorded.

Segs, Paul Fox, Ruffy and Henry Rollins.
16th July 2007 Paul Fox Benefit

 Dave Ruffy, Segs Jennings and Leigh Heggarty
Ruts DC in Berlin September 2014 (Photo by Raven)
Animal Now (1981)
Rhythm Collision Reloaded (originally released in 1982 as Rhythm Collision)
Segs, Molara, Me, Ruffy
7th Devember 2013 Edinburgh
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