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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Alphabet Beats #130: S is for....The Saints

S is for....

"The Saints aren't your average rock band. Never have been, never want to be." - Chris Bailey

The Saints are a rock band, originating in Brisbane, Australia founded by Chris Bailey (singer-songwriter, later guitarist), Ivor Hay (drummer), and Ed Kuepper (guitarist-songwriter) in 1974. Alongside mainstay Bailey, the group has had numerous line-ups. In 1975, contemporaneous with United States' Ramones, The Saints were employing the fast tempos, raucous vocals and "buzz saw" guitar that characterised early punk rock. With their debut single, "(I'm) Stranded", in September 1976, they became the first alleged punk band outside the US to release a record, ahead of better-known acts including the Sex Pistols and The Clash. They are one of the first and most influential groups of the genre.

In early 1979, The Saints had imploded, leaving Bailey to continue the band, with a variable line-up. All Fools Day peaked in the Top 30 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart in April 1986. Bailey also has a solo career and had relocated to Sweden by 1994. The band was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame in 2001.

The Saints continue to record and perform worldwide.

I loved the fact that Bruce Springsteen included a song by The Saints on his album 'High Hopes' ('Just Like Fire Would') that was released last year. If people were left scratching their heads about them I reckon that people were dashing to You Tube, iTunes and the Record Store to find themselves some music by a band that Springsteen said are, "one of my favourite early Australian punk bands, The Saints (check out "I'm Stranded)". Not only did he record it but he showed the band great honour when he played it live in concert last year on the opening night of the Australian Leg of the High Hopes Tour in Perth and a further 8 times in the remaining 11 shows!

Click on the links to enjoy the music

The Music

    (I'm) Stranded (1977)

    Eternally Yours (1978)

    Prehistoric Sounds (1978)
    The Monkey Puzzle (1981)*
Out in the Jungle... Where Things Ain't So Pleasant (1982)
        aka I Thought This Was Love, But This Ain't Casablanca
    A Little Madness to Be Free (1984)*
    All Fools Day (1986)*
    Prodigal Son (1988)*

All Times Through Paradise (2004 79 Track Compilation) 

Singles and other bits
 (I'm) Stranded (1976)
Security (1978)
Always (1980)
Stay (1988)
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