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Friday, 29 May 2015

Alphabet Beats #140: U is for....U.K. Subs

U is for...

 U.K. Subs (Then)
Charlie Harper (Vocals), Paul Slack (Bass and Vocals), Pete Davies (Drums), Nicky Garratt (Guitars and Vocals)

It was Charlie Harper's 71st birthday four days ago, and I didn't forget it but wanted to celebrate it with a bit of style by spotlighting the U.K. Subs here on Alphabet Beats. 71 Years Old! And he's still out there doing what he's been doing for almost five decades!

The past 10 years or so has seen some stability with the line up as there had always been a bit of a turn over of members and the only original was Charlie. It's not quite a Trigger's Broom scenario (if you like Only Fools and Horses you'll get that!) and I saw recently someone saying that if it was Charlie Harper and your Granny on Bongos it would still be the U.K. Subs (or something to that nature)!

Whatever the case, the U.K. Subs are still making new music and recently released 'Yellow Leader' and are one letter away from completing a batch of albums in Alphabetical order! Inbetween there have been loads of compilations, reissues of older albums, Live releases, and a truck load of impressive singles. Click on the links to enjoy the music. There's music from all but one of the albums released in the Alphabetical Series.

I know there's a few old punks out there who might roll their eyes seeing a post about the U.K. Subs but they play a huge part in my own Soundtrack4Life and therefore they have every right to be included here.

Enjoy the noize!

 U.K. Subs (Now)
Alvin Gibbs (Bass and Vocals), Jamie Oliver (Drums), Charlie Harper (Vocals), Jet (Guitars and Vocals).

The Music

    Another Kind of Blues (1979) (UK No. 21) 

    Brand New Age (1980) (UK No. 18) 

    Crash Course (1980) (UK No. 8)  

    Diminished Responsibility (1981) (UK No. 18)  

    Endangered Species (1982)

    Flood of Lies (1983)  

    Gross Out USA LIVE (1984)
Couldn't find any tracks on You Tube for this album. 

    Huntington Beach (1985)  

    Japan Today (1987)  

    Killing Time (1988)  

    LIVE in Paris (1989) 

    Mad Cow Fever (1991)  

    Normal Service Resumed (1993)

Occupied (1996) 

    Peel Sessions 1978-79 (1997)
These Three Sessions make up the album.

    Quintessentials (1997)  

    Riot (1997) 

    Time Warp GREATEST HITS (2000) 

    Universal (2002) 

    Violent State Live (2005)
Couldn't find the whole album on You Tube so here's a selection of tracks.

    Work In Progress (10 January 2011)

    XXIV (6 February 2013)

    Yellow Leader (2015)

The Soundtrack4Life Top 20
U.K. Subs
17. Rat Race.
16. Killer.
08. Warhead.
05. Rockers.
04. C.I.D.
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