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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Alphabet Beats #135: T is for...The The

T is for....

This is dedicated to Michele and Dietmar in New Jersey

Update 9/1/16
You Tube have removed all the playlists for The The albums (along with hundreds of other artists). I have no idea why this is. I tried to find other available playlists and hope that the ones that are missing will not prevent your enjoyment of this post.

The The are an English musical and multimedia group that have been active in various forms since 1979, with singer/songwriter Matt Johnson being the only constant band member (though there have been many many musicians who have played alongside him in the studio and live).

I have to say that 'Soul Mining' is another of my favourite Debut albums and easily would slot into an All Time Top 10 Albums for me. I cannot think how many times I have played it since its release back in 1983 and still today find immense pleasure listening to it. Although only containing 7 tracks they are 7 of the most precious tracks ever.

The Music
 Soul Mining (1983)
Infected (1986)*
Mind Bomb (1989)
Dusk (1993)
Hanky Panky (1995)*
NakedSelf (2000)
Tony (2010 Soundtrack)+
Moonbug (2012 Soundtrack)+
Hyena (2015 Soundtrack)+
+ Removed from You Tube

The Soundtrack4Life Top Ten
The The
08. Infected.
05. Heartland.
04. Perfect.

More The The
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