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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Alphabet Beats #133: T is for..Talking Heads

T is for....


On 20th June 1975 at CBGB's in the Bowery District of New York City a band made their live debut supporting a fellow NY band the Ramones! That band was the Talking Heads!

Formed in 1975 by David Byrne and Chris Frantz after their school band The Artistics had came to nought. Tina Weymouth (girlfriend of Frantz and often transport to gigs) was brought on board after a search for a bass player came up with nothing. Weymouth learnt to play bass by listening to albums by Suzi Quatro! Jerry Harrison (formerly of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers) joined on keyboards in March 1977.

They recorded Demos for CBS Records but nothing developed out of that, and so continuing to play live they amassed fan support and eventually a record deal with Sire Records (who had of course signed the Ramones).

It's funny thinking of the New York scene at this time because the major names were all so different from each other: Television, Blondie, Ramones and of course Talking Heads.

I don't recall where it was that I first heard them but their debut single for Sire Records, 'Love → Building on Fire' was on my radar very early in 1977 (it had been released in February and the debut album '77' followed in March).

Between 1977-1991 they released 8 Studio albums, 2 Live albums, over 30 singles. They were one of the most musically innovative bands of their time, and so it's great to be able to spotlight their unique sound on Today's Alphabet Beats.

 The Music
    Talking Heads: 77 (1977)
    More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978)
    Fear of Music (1979)
    Remain in Light (1980)
    Speaking in Tongues (1983)
Stop Making Sense (1984)
    Little Creatures (1985)
    True Stories (1986)
    Naked (1988)

 Promo Videos

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