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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

S4L Presents: New Series - Music is the Doctor #2

Welcome to the second  'Music is the Doctor' on Soundtrack4Life. Basically what you are going to get is a 20 Track Playlist featuring new and old tunes and some thoughts about each track. 

Today we have a theme - The Senses!

Someone's Looking At You - Boomtown Rats.
I am reading David Byrne's book 'Bicycle Diaries' at the moment and have just reached his chapter on Berlin and his description of the Stasi Museum in the city. I remember going to the Stasi Museum in Leipzig and being fascinated by the manner of "observation" the State had upon its citizens and this track by the Boomtown Rats always makes me think of  "Big Brother is Watching You!"

I Can See For Miles - The Who.
Currently this tune is the theme music for the latest in the CSI franchise, CSI Cyber. It's one of my favourite songs by The Who.
City of Eyes - Spizz Energi.
Similar themes to the Boomtown Rats tune but brought perfectly up to date here in the 21st Century by Spizz Energi. He released this last year as a single and mighty fine it is to.
All Seeing - The Alarm.
Where the view of the Rats and Spizz is a scenario that speaks of fear I love that in this song The Alarm bring a touch of comfort and encouragement when we consider "Someone" watching over us.

Listen to Your Heart - Stiff Little Fingers.
 Could have easily chosen the Ramones song with the same title but SLF one will do for now. They released some real quality singles and I never tire of recommending their 'All The Best' Compilation that contains pretty much all the singles and b-sides from the early days of the band.

Eardrum Buzz - Wire.
I love this band. They quickly progressed from the Punk scene to forge an identity of their own and some of the music they have released down through the years just speaks quality.

I Hear You Knocking - Dave Edmunds.
I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Dave Edmunds. Can't put my finger on the why but I can remember this one when I was a young kid and he still manges to invade my ears from time to time with his cool sound.
Listen to the Band - The Monkees.
I've always had a wee fear that one day my hearing would disappear (my wife would probably say it's on the way with my selective hearing!) and I'd never be able to enjoy music again! It's a most unpleasant thought!

Taste of Cindy (Acoustic) - Jesus and Mary Chain.
They are known for making noise so when they did an acoustic session for John Peel it was rather delightful to discover under the feedback some beautiful moments like this one. 

The Coffee Song - Yvonne Lyon.
I thought my good friends Yvonne and DL would get a real kick out of seeing a piece of music they created sitting inbetween three bands whose music is absolutely nothing like theirs! 

Eat The Rich - Motörhead.
Don't recall if this was done for a soundtrack but it's a real barn burner of a tune.

Familiar Taste of Poison - Halestorm.
 Love this band a lot, and Lzzy Hale is a quality front woman who rocks hard.

Why Can't I Touch It - Buzzcocks.
One of the many great B-Sides from Buzzcocks. Many of their B-Sides could quite easily have been A-Sides.
Touch and Go - Magazine.
Second single from former Buzzcock Howard Devoto. They were a real quality band. Was really pleased to get the chance to see them on their reunion tour a couple of years back. Howard as ever was flamboyant.
(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear - Blondie.
Blondie has loads of great singles and a close second to my favourite (Union City Blues) would be this one penned by bassist Gary Valentine.
Touch Me I'm Sick - Mudhoney.
The whole grungy thing passed me by a bit but this one I always found fascinating.

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana.
I can't put my finger on it but I was never a huge fan of Nirvana. Maybe a song here and there I find fascinating but overall they never really gripped me. I do like this tune though.
Smells Like Nirvana - Weird Al Yankovic.
This cracks me up. I wonder what Nirvana would have thought about it.
That Smell -  Lynyrd Skynyrd.
For no other reason that it mentions smell! 
May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose - Jimmy Dickens.
Chosen for the daftness of the title alone, who knows what it means!

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