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Friday, 1 May 2015

This is What I Might Have Missed

Uncut Magazine posted an article today that says according to a recent study that people stop listening to new music at aged 33!

I am five days away from my 52nd birthday and if there was any truth in that study then 19 years ago I would have stopped listening to anything new. So to prove a point here's just a few things that I might have missed had this been true. 

In a particular year you might notice a band/artist that had actually been around a while. I put them there because I might have heard a song or their new album and then went back and discovered the rest of their catalogue (my friend Mark Currie put it great, 'I find I'm more often hunting backwards for "new" material'). These are just a small number of things, there's probably much more that could be added each year!

2015 (aged almost 52)

2014 (aged 51)

2013 (aged 50)

2012 (aged 49)

2011 (aged 48)

2010 (aged 47)

2009 (aged 46)

2008 (aged 45)

2007 (aged 44)

2006 (aged 43)

2005 (aged 42)

2004 (aged 41)

2003 (aged 40)

2002 (aged 39)

2001 (aged 38)

2000 (aged 37)
Good Charlotte.
Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love.

1999 (aged 36)
Julie Miller.

1998 (aged 35)
The Donnas.

1997 (aged 34)
Buddy Miller.

1996 (aged 33)

A last piece of advice:

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