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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 341 - Big Country

Through A Big Country: Greatest Hits - Big Country
Released April 1990
UK Chart #2

CD Version with Bonus Tracks

Original Vinyl Tracklist
A1 Save Me    
A2 In A Big Country    
A3 Fields Of Fire    
A4 Chance    
A5 Wonderland    
A6 Where The Rose Is Sown    
A7 Just A Shadow

B1 Look Away    
B2 King Of Emotion    
B3 East Of Eden    
B4 One Great Thing    
B5 The Teacher    
B6 Broken Hearts (Thirteen Valleys)    
B7 Peace In Our Time

CD Version includes three extra tracks
15 Eiledon    
16 The Seer    
17 Harvest Home

Single Taken from Through A Big Country

Save Me / Pass Me By / World On Fire
April 1990
UK Charts #41

Notes on Singles 
Links in this section are Live, TV or Promo Vids
Harvest Home / Balcony / Flag of Nations (Swimming)
17th September 1982
UK Chart #91

Fields Of Fire / Angle Park
18th February 1983
UK Chart #10
US Chart #52

In A Big Country / All Of Us
20th May 1983
UK Chart #17
US Chart #17

Chance / Tracks Of My Tears
26th August 1983
UK Chart #9 

Wonderland / Giant
13th January 1984
UK Chart #8
US Chart #86

East Of Eden / Prairie Rose
21st September 1984
UK Chart #17

Where The Rose Is Sown / Belief In The Small Man
23rd November 1984
UK Chart #29

Just A Shadow / Winter Sky
18th January 1985
UK Chart #26

Look Away / Restless Natives
April 1986
UK Chart #7

The Teacher / Home Came The Angels
6th June 1986
UK Chart #28

One Great Thing / Song Of The South
September 1986
UK Chart #19

King Of Emotion / The Travellers
 August 1988
UK Chart #16

Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) / Soapy Souter Strikes Back
October 1988
UK Chart #47

 Peace In Our Time / Promised Land (The R.E.L. Tapes)
January 1989
UK Chart #39

Through A Big Country was the first of a number of Best of/Greatest Hits of Big Country. Over the years pretty much most of the Singles released by Big Country charted in the UK and a few also in other countries around the world.

Most of the singles had been drawn from their first four albums: The Crossing (1983), Steeltown (1984), The Seer (1986) and Peace In Our Time (1988).

I was never a huge Big Country fan myself. I really took note of them because I had always like Stuart Adamson as a guitarist when he was in The Skids and was quite interested as to what he would do next especially being the frontman and main songwriter. I did buy a good number of the early singles that are featured on this Greatest Hits album. They did actually make a few really brilliant singles in their time.

The only single missing from the Album is Hold The Heart (November 1986, UK Chart #55) which they could have added to the CD along with the debut single Harvest Home instead of including The Seer and Elledon. That's really the only negative point regarding the album for me.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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