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Monday, 12 December 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 347 - Public Enemy

  Power To The People And The Beats: Public Enemy's Greatest Hits - Public Enemy
Def Jam Recordings
Released 2005
US Chart #69
UK Chart #39

Notes on Select Singles
Public Enemy #1 / Timebomb
December 1986
Did Not Chart

 (US 12" Picture Sleeve)

You're Gonna Get Yours / Rebel Without A Pause / Miuzi Weighs A Ton
July 1987
UK Chart #88

(UK 12" Picture Sleeve)

Rebel Without A Pause / Rebel Without A Pause (Instrumental)
November 1987
UK Chart #37

(UK 7" Picture Sleeve)

Bring The Noize / Sophisticated
December 1987
UK Chart #32

Don't Believe The Hype / Prophets of Rage
June 1988
UK Chart #18

(US 12" Picture Sleeve)
Fight The Power / Fight The Power (Flavor Flav Meets Spike Lee)
June 1989
UK Chart #29
 Released on Motown Records

 Welcome To The Terror Dome (Vocal) / Welcome To The Terror Dome (Terrormental)
January 1990
UK Chart #18

Whilst Public Enemy have had a number of hit albums in the USA they have only ever had two singles make it onto the Billboard Hot 100 (Can't Truss It - 1991 #50 and Give It Up 1994 #33). That to me is quite remarkable especially when you consider the quality of the singles they have released down through the years.

The Long Island, New York founded Hip Hop group certainly haven't gone out of their way to make many friends with their often direct criticisms of American media and their uncompromising stance regarding issues relating to the frustrations and concerns of the African American Community. Despite this they are regarded very highly, at least among the musical community, and were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2007.

Outside of America they seemed to get a much better hearing and especially in the UK where a good number of their singles found themselves on the charts.

They of course are not without controversy, though some of it has often been a result of misunderstanding the intentions of the band. I even heard someone awhile back attacking the band because of their song 911 Is A Joke, saying that they were making a mockery of the September 11th attacks. What makes this kind of attack unfounded is that the song was released back in March 1990 (a full eleven and a half years before the terror attack happened!) and actually deals with the issue of the poor response of paramedics and emergency services to Black neighbourhoods - the 9-1-1 actually refers to the emergency number used in the States!

Today's choice of Compilation was not actually the first Public Enemy Compilation. The first was released in 1992 and ironically titled Greatest Misses! That album reached #13 in the USA and #15 in the UK. It was actually an album that featured 6 new songs on the first half of the album and then a further 6 Remixes of previously released songs and crowned off with a live version of Shut Em Down recorded in the UK.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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