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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 349 - David Bowie

ChangesOneBowie - David Bowie
RCA Victor
Released May 1976
UK Chart #2
US Chart #10

Side One

Side Two

Notes on Singles
(In Chronological Order)
 (Dutch Picture Sleeve)

Space Oddity / Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
July 1969
Did not Chart

 (US Reissue Picture Sleeve)

Space Oddity / The Man Who Sold The World
Reissue 1973
US Chart #15

(UK Reissue Picture Sleeve)

Space Oddity / Changes / Velvet Goldmine
September 1975 Reissue
UK Chart #1

(German Picture Sleeve)

Changes / Andy Warhol
January 1972
UK Chart #49*
US Chart #41

*The song did not actually chart in 1972 when it was released but following his death in January this year it entered the chart for the first time reaching #49.

(French Picture Sleeve)

John, I'm Only Dancing / Hang On To Yourself
September 1972
UK Chart #12

There are actually two versions of John, I'm Only Dancing (or three if you include John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) that was released as a 12" in 1979 in the US) . There is a Sax version that was released as a single with the same catalogue number (RCA 2263) as the Original Single in April 1973 and this version appeared on early versions (I read somewhere that said at least the first 1000 copies) of the ChangesOneBowie album before being replaced by the Original Single version.

Both versions appeared on a Picture Disc Single that was released in 2012 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the release of the Original Single.

(Portuguese Picture Sleeve)

The Jean Genie / Ziggy Stardust
November 1972
UK Chart #2
US Chart #71

(Italian Picture Sleeve)

Rebel Rebel / Queen Bitch
February 1974
UK Chart #5
US Chart #64

(German Picture Sleeve)

Diamond Dogs / Holy, Holy
June 1974
UK Chart #21

(French Picture Sleeve)

Young Americans / Suffragette City
February 1975
UK Chart #18
US Chart #28

Suffragette City first appeared as a B-Side to the US Release of Starman in 1972.

(El Salvadorian Picture Sleeve)

Fame / Right
July 1975
UK Chart #17
US Chart #1*

*Bowie's first US and Canadian #1 Single 

(German Picture Sleeve)

Golden Years / Can You Hear Me
November 1975
UK Chart #8
US Chart #10

(UK Picture Sleeve)

Suffragette City* / Stay
July 1976
Did Not Chart

Finally released as an A-Side to promote the album ChangesOneBowie.


With yet another David Bowie Compilation released last month (Bowie Legacy) I thought I'd turn our attention towards his first major UK compilation ChangesOneBowie released in 1976.

Now some folk might wonder why on earth certain songs were left off of ChangesOneBowie like Starman, Life On Mars, and maybe even Sorrow, but I think the album does capture the period of time those particular singles were released and therefore there's not a lot of need for them to tell the story of change because the 11 songs that were picked follow the script perfectly!

In many ways this was a good compilation that showed the groundwork that had been laid for what was to follow with Low, "Heroes", and The Lodger between 1977-79. That was just like Bowie, always trying to build on what had gone before and maybe better it!

The album was reissued on CD in 1985 and was withdrawn after a year along with all previous Bowie albums on RCA after a conflict between artist and his former label (he had left RCA after the release of Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).

There was a ChangesTwoBowie released in 1981 that reached #24 in the UK Album Chart. Full tracklisting information can be found HERE.

The album would be expanded and reissued in 1990 and renamed ChangesBowie (the original having being deleted).

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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