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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ruts DC and The Damned - Edinburgh HMV Picture House 7th December 2013

On what would have been the 60th birthday of Ruts lead vocalist Malcom Owen the Ruts DC were laying the smackdown on stage in Edinburgh supporting The Damned.

(Picture by Fangs Mandatory)

Ruts DC Setlist (not in order)
Mighty Soldier
Smiling Culture/SUS
It Was Cold
No Time To Kill
One Step
Jah War
West One
Love in Vain/Poilce and Thieves
Starring at the Rude Boys
Babylon's Burning
In A Rut

I have to say that Segs is sounding in fine voice and I actually think he sounds better now than he did back in the 80's. It's funny that he says he never wanted to be a frontman but I'll tell you, he's perfectly suited for it. Ruffy on the drums is still one of the best in my honest opionion and he plays with such a sense of grace and style.

Segs and Ruffy are joined by Leigh on Guitar (and he does a great job of bringing to life those great riffs first played by Paul Fox, whilst adding his own particular touches) and Molara who does a great job on vocals especially when she lets it rip during 'Jah Wars'.

Right from the opening song 'Mighty Soldier' you get the feeling that this is going to be a special night. The crowd are really into it (I think some who turned up later will be annoyed that they missed this) and are bouncing along to each one. The band play a mixture of old and new, both Ruts and Ruts DC material and it's actually the older material that has been reimagined that I find the most gripping. 'Smiling Culture/SUS' - is truly epic and adds weight to the fact that 30 odd years on from when SUS was first written that there are still lots of troubles with the Police. Also 'No Time To Kill' sounds perfectly sublime tonight.

The most moving part of the set for me was 'Love in Vain' coupled with the Ruts DC tribute to Junior Murvin, 'Police and Thieves'. Have to say that it brough a wee tear to the eye remembering that 'Love in Vain' was one of the last songs Malcom ever penned.

The set ends with a real blast as 'Society' is pulled from the vaults and once again Segs does a great job of remembering how all those words fit into such a blisteringly fast song! The final number is of course the very first thing they ever put on record, 'In A Rut' and it's a perfect way to end their night coming full circle to where it all began for them.

What about The Damned? Well, here's their setlist for the night:

Now, whilst I quite liked some of their performance tonight I have to say I found it a little too polished for my liking. I actually sat down up by the Merch Table when they were on and just listened. 

Stand out songs from the set for me were 'Don't Cry Wolf', 'Plan 9 Channel 7 ', and 'Sick of Being Sick'.

After the show I got to hang out for a while with Segs and Ruffy which was really nice. It was a good old reunion of South London lads.

They've got a few more dates on the Tour culminating in a big show at the London Roundhouse on Friday 13th. Make sure you turn up early for the Ruts DC set, you wouldn't want to miss the best band of the night now, would you?

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