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Monday, 21 November 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 326 - Suzanne Vega (#2)

 The Best of Suzanne Vega: Tried and True  - Suzanne Vega
A&M Records
Released 28th September 1998
UK Chart #46

When the album was initially released it came with a live 6 Track Bonus Disc that had been recorded at the TW Festival in 1999. As I couldn't find the actual recordings on You Tube I've included below alternative Links for the particular songs that were included on the bonus disc.

2-1 Marlene On The Wall    
2-2 Caramel    
2-3 Some Journey    
2-4 In Liverpool    
2-5 Luka    
2-6 Tom's Diner

 Singles Included on the Album
Two new songs were also included on the album and both were released as CD singles but neither charted.

Released 1998

Rosemary (Remember Me) - DNA Remix / Europa Mix (Edit) / Herbacious Mix (Extended) / Album Version
Released 1999


This is the third time this year that I have featured Suzanne Vega on this blog (and it won't be the last...but more about that in the next post). The first one was a look at her second studio album Solitude Standing back in April.

It's always interesting to see how vastly different artists are with regard to their work. Some bands seem quite content to put out a Best of or a Greatest Hits package after a few hit singles and albums whilst others seem to allow an age to pass for before even considering such a move.  

Suzanne Vega first appeared on the scene in 1985 with her first hit (actually her fourth single but a re-issue of her debut single which had originally only squeezed into the charts at #83) Marlene On The Wall which peaked at #21 on the UK Singles Chart (it didn't break into the singles chart in her homeland and it would be two years later before she would with the haunting Luka - which made it all the way to #3) and a fine debut album that reached #11 in the UK (only #91 in the USA). Her first Best of compilation appeared 13 years later!

I have had a lot of time for the music of Suzanne Vega down through the years. She might not be an artist you would think that I would connect with knowing my love for loud guitars, bashing drums, rock and roll and punk rock but I always enjoyed the fact that in the quietness of her music that you had to be still and listen hard to what she was saying and there has to be room for that kind of reflection from time to time when it comes to enjoying music. Over the past few decades I have purposely sought out a variety of musical styles in order to expand my own love for music and Suzanne Vega certainly has had a place in that journey of discovery. 

I offer up this little compilation as a testament to the joy in finding new things that delight my heart when it comes to music. I'm not suggesting for a moment that everyone is going to like her but at least expanded your heart and mind just for a little while and who knows where that will take you!

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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