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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Alphabet Beats #038: F is for...John Foxx

F is for...

John Foxx

Today's post is dedicated to Alyson Waite (today is her birthday) who is a huge fan of Mr Foxx, if you mention Ultravox! to her you had better be talking about the band with Foxx fronting it rather than that old ex-boy band chap Midge! John Foxx appeared on the first three Ultravox! albums (Ultravox! (1977), Ha! Ha! Ha! (1977) and Systems of Romance (1978) ).

There's quite a lot of stuff by Foxx including a mass of stuff he's collaborated with other artists on and so I'll just try and post a wee selection


Nation 12

John Foxx and Robin Guthrie

John Foxx with Harold Budd

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