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Sunday, 22 February 2015

The S4L Interview: Poet Billy Lamont - Postscript

A final word or two from Poet Billy Lamont. He shared this idea with me and I thought it would be a fun thing to add on as the Full Stop to our interview together. Doug, S4L.

Poet Billy:
"Oh dudeness of coolness...I had an idea that may be too much but thought it was kind of cool. When no one was interviewing me I came up with a poem "self interview/self portrait (a post modern dada)" which is now a song poem with Blackhouse sort of an experimental psalm of david with electronic keyboard harp sound... It is on Beyond Babylon album..."

self interview/self portrait
[a postmodern dada]

by billy lamont

For R.S. Pearson

self interview-
the problem of suffering
<—pascal talk some sense into me
—>franz kafka is stalking me
—>baudelaire mind is thinking me
<—need to wash my mind with The Holy Bible
<—and then dry it with r. s. pearson’s phiolosophy

I woke up dreaming of Christian reformation
senses reeling with andre breton’s surrealist manifestoes
went drinking with martin luther and bono
discussed theology in the corner pub
pints of ale and irish whiskey
clashing with The Holy Bible in my soul
like holy rock and roll-
we shared belly laughs
and prayers for the common man

I stepped outside into the cool, fall air
lit a miniature cigar from santo domingo
and took a slow drag
soul of sky was masked by a nuclear cloud
did someone cut me?
     didn’t realize I was slowly bleeding
did you warn me?
     sorry I wasn’t listening

~stoic survival~

like a wound with a new stitch
like a nervous twitch
I’ve been living on the border of an unfulfilled wish
the local town’s church bell rings out
faithfully, like it always does
every hour
The Spirit is the same
but the times sure have changed

mirror perspective
a photograph
I am an outsider amongst outsiders
a rebel amongst rebels
never could find the outside of society for me
in this subculture of conformity
<—The Holy Bible is the message guiding me
<—kiergard’s writing like a lamp illuminating me
<—escher’s lines keep redefining me
<—Lord have mercy

self portrait-                    ^
GOD is...               I am...   
GOD is...               I am...   
GOD is my dada          JESUS is the wonderful I AM   

I think you like picasso, all perspectives at once
[bet this is how GOD sees it}

feel you passionately like van gogh
[i know this is GOD’s holy passion]

love and kiss her like klimpt’s “the kiss”
[know GOD’s desire for us through this]

i see JESUS THE CHRIST’s cross like dali
[awakens me to GOD’s higher view; JESUS’s amazing power,
infinite love and humility]

have i expressed this like jackson pollack’s paint drippings?
[oh to be a unique splash of color in God’s expressionistic masterpiece!]

JESUS IS the magnificient I AM!
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