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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

45RPM: #109 Sneakin' Suspicion - Dr. Feelgood (1977)

(German Picture Sleeve, there was no Picture Sleeve for the UK Release)

Sneakin' Suspicion / Lights Out - Dr. Feelgood
United Artists
Produced by Bert de Coteaux
Released May 1977
UK Chart #47

A-Side: Sneakin' Suspicion
written by Wilko Johnson

B-Side: Lights Out*
written by S. David/M. Rebennack

*This Top of the Pops performance from May 1977 does not have Wilko in the line-up as he had already departed the band. Gypie Mayo is the guitarist.

Stupidity (1976) was the album that turned me onto Dr. Feelgood. I was probably just a little too young for their first couple of albums: Down By The Jetty and Malpractice in 1975 (I would have only been 12 years old then and don't recall hearing them much on the radio!).

The follow-up to that great live record came in May 1977 with what turned out to be the final album to feature Wilko Johnson. He left the band during the recording of Sneakin' Suspicion but did leave them with a couple of his classic songs (Paradise being the other one).

The single was the first to chart for Dr. Feelgood and was the only one that did chart with Wilko Johnson in the band (which is incredible when you think they had previously released Roxette, She Does It Right and Back In The Night!)

I know a number of people who would point to Milk & Alcohol as their favourite Dr. Feelgood single but for me it's always been Sneakin' Suspicion. The album as well is a particular favourite.

I was particularly pleased to hear that Wilko had chosen to re-record the song for his excellent Going Back Home album with Roger Daltrey.

 Sneakin' Suspicion - Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey
Shepherd's Bush Empire
25th February 2014

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