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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 287 - Skids

The Absolute Game - Skids
Produced by Mick Glossop
Released September 1980
UK Chart #9

A1 - Circus Games
A2 - Out Of Town
A3 - Goodbye Civilian
A4 - The Children Saw The Shame
A5 - A Woman In Winter
B1 - Hurry On Boys
B2 - Happy To Be With You
B3 - The Devils Decade
B4 - One Decree
B5 - Arena

    Richard Jobson – vocals, guitar
    Stuart Adamson – guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
    Russell Webb – bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
    Mike Baillie – drums, vocals, percussion

Singles on The Absolute Game
Circus Games / One Decree
28th July 1980
UK #32



Came with an 8 page comic booklet called "Skids Pirate Gold"


The Absolute Game was the third studio album from the Skids. It became their most commercially successful album peaking at #9 in the UK Albums Chart.

On release it came with a Limited Edition free album entitled Strength Through Joy which featured material recorded during The Absolute Game Sessions but withheld from the album. Richard Jobson, the Skids' lead singer, later stated that this title had been taken from Dirk Bogarde's autobiography and was not based on the Nazi slogan "Kraft durch Freude". However, it continued in the controversial theme of the first release of Days in Europa, which had also been withdrawn after accusations of Nazi glorification. Skids by the way were not a Nazi band!

This would be the final album that guitarist Stuart Adamson would appear on. He departed before sessions for the Joy album took place and did so because of a fracturing relationship with Jobson. He would later reappear in a new band called Big Country in which he was the frontman.

There was no particular reason for posting this one today, I had heard Gary Crowley play Circus Games on his radio show this week and thought it sounded brilliant so dug out the album to get reaquainted with it.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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