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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 280 - R.E.M.

Automatic For The People - R.E.M.
Warner Bros.
Produced by Scott Litt and R.E.M.
Released 5th October
US Chart #2
UK Chart #1*

*The album actually topped the UK Charts on four separate occasions


    Michael Stipe – lead vocals
    Bill Berry – drums, percussion, keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals, melodica
    Peter Buck – electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass guitar
    Mike Mills – bass guitar, piano, keyboards, accordion, backing vocals

Additional musicians
    Scott Litt – harmonica, clavinet

    Strings and oboe on "Drive", "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight", "Everybody Hurts", and "Nightswimming":
    John Paul Jones – orchestral arrangements
    George Hanson – conductor
    Denise Berginson-Smith, Lonnie Ottzen, Patti Gouvas, Sandy Salzinger, Sou-Chun Su, Jody Taylor – violin
    Knox Chandler, Kathleen Kee, Daniel Laufer, Elizabeth Proctor Murphy – cello
    Reid Harris, Paul Murphy, Heidi Nitchie – viola
    Deborah Workman – oboe

Singles on Automatic For The People

    Released: October 1, 1992
US #28
 UK #11

    Man on the Moon / New Orleans Instrumental No. 2
    Released: November 21, 1992
US Chart #30
 UK Chart #18

    The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite / The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Released: February 5, 1993
UK Chart #17

    Everybody Hurts / Mandolin Strum
    Released: April 15, 1993
US Chart #29
UK Chart #7

   Nightswimming / Losing My Religion (Live)
    Released: July 15, 1993
 UK Charts #27

    Find the River / Everybody Hurts (Live)
    Released: October 21, 1993
UK Charts #54

Automatic For The People was the eighth Studio Album from R.E.M. and was their second #1 album in the UK following Out of Time

Six singles were released from it, which personally I thought was way too many and it was a bit annoying if you were buying the 7" vinyl in the UK because the B-Sides were generally tracks from the Green album whilst if you wanted the other tracks you'd have to buy the 12" Singles and the CD Singles - those Record Labels knew how to fleece us didn't they (and still do!)?

Personally I think they could have done without releasing Nightswimming and especially Find The River.

R.E.M. biographer David Buckley wrote,"Automatic for the People is regarded by Peter Buck and Mike Mills, and by most critics, as being the finest R.E.M. album ever recorded." Mmm...not so sure about that myself as I think Green is the best! Others will point to earlier albums like Fables etc. I'm sure.

My favourite tracks on it are Drive, Try Not To Breathe, Everybody Hurts, and Monty Got A Raw Deal.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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