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Monday, 31 October 2016

The Beat is Dead - Nina Diaz (October 2016)

The Beat is Dead - Nina Diaz
Cosmica Records
Produced by Nina Diaz and Manuel Calderon
Released 28th October 2016

Click on the Links to hear more from Nina Diaz
The links are not necessarily the versions that appear on the album but are live performances from various places. Trick Candle and Screaming Without Sound are the album versions.

1. Trick Candle

Queen Beats King    
January 9th    
Fall In Love    
Young Man    
7  It 
Screaming Without A Sound  
10 Dig    
11 Star    
12 For You


A couple of weeks back I posted about Sum 41 and Deryck Whibley's road to recovery and sobriety and mentioned about how tough it must be dealing with it in the full glare of the public eye. It seems that Nina Diaz, front woman of Girl In A Coma (though she stepped away from the band in 2014 whilst she began writing for her solo record) is doing the same thing.

Nina Diaz began her musical life in San Antonio, Texas Indie band Girl In A Coma just as she reached her Teen Years and there fell into a life of Alcohol and then Drug Abuse. Have a read of Nina's Bio on her own Website as it will tell it better than I could. The band got a real kickstart by signing to Blackheart Records and released four albums between 2007 - 2011.

I like the fact that she says, "This album is the story of my addiction and my sobriety," and I hope that as each new day comes her way that she will find herself living more in the moment of her sobriety and enjoying the new sense of focus of mind and heart and becoming more naturally confident in the abilities that she has as a songwriter and as a performer. Each new day is a step further away from a past that often brought trouble and the best way to continue that is one foot in front of the other and move forward rather than backwards.

As someone who is now 9,977 days on that same journey I am glad to support another fellow traveler as she makes her way into new experiences and new paths that she might never have taken had she remained stuck in her addictions.

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