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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Tunnel of Dust - Bruce Springsteen (Bootleg)

Tunnel of Dust - Bruce Springsteen (Bootleg)

 As it's the anniversary of the release of Tunnel of Love today I thought I'd post one of my favourite little bootlegs called Tunnel of Dust. All the songs on it were performed at different venues during Bruce's Solo Devil's and Dust Tour.

The versions on the above playlist are not necessarily the ones that appeared on this particular collection due to them not being on You Tube. Here are the versions that are different and the places/dates they were played in 2005:

1. Ain't Got You - Seattle 11th August
4. Spare Parts - Philadelphia 9th November
5. Cautious Man - Boston 30th October
8. Two Faces - Rotterdam, Netherlands 19th June 
10. One Step Up - Hollywood FL. 19th November
11. When You're Alone - Madison WI 15th October

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