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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 290 - All About Eve

Scarlet and Other Stories - All About Eve
Produced by Paul Samwell-Smith (all except Scarlet which was produced by All About Eve)
Released 16th October 1989
UK Chart #9

A1 Road To Your Soul    
A2 Dream Now    
A3 Gold And Silver    
A4 Scarlet    
A5 December    
B1 Blind Lemon Sam    
B2 More Than The Blues    
B3 Tuesday's Child    
B4 The Empty Dancehall    
B5 Only One Reason    
B6 The Pearl Fishermen

Singles on Scarlet and Other Stories
September 1989
UK Chart #37

December 1989
UK Chart #34

Scarlet / Our Summer (Live)
April 1990
UK Chart #34

All About Eve were a band that were hard to pigeon hole as they didn't always fit people's pre-conceived ideas regarding musical genres. I've heard them called Gothic-Rock, Folk-Rock, Shoegazing (always an odd term that one!), Post-Punk and a few others.

Many folk first heard Julieann Regan singing backup on The Mission hit single Severina (1987) and the album God's Own Medicine in 1986. This exposure gave the band a bit of a leg up in getting signed to a major label as their first couple of singles had been released on Eden.

Between 1987 - 1992 All About Eve enjoyed some minor chart success with pretty much all of their singles, once signed to Mercury and then later Vertigo and MCA, finding a place on the chart list. Only Martha's Harbour from 1988 would break the Top 20 peaking at #10.

On the album front their Debut, the self-titled All About Eve (Mercury 1988) reached #7 and was the highest placed album of their career. Scarlet and Other Stories (see above) rose to #9, their third album, released in 1991, Touched By Jesus (which presented a bit of a different sound and image for the band) peaked at #17. Their last Studio Album, Ultraviolet (1992 MCA) was not commercially successful reaching only #46 and the singles from it (Phased and Some Finer Day) despite charting they weren't able to break into the Top 30 and MCA dropped the band shortly after the album was released.

The band was dealt a bit of a blow when Julieann Regan left the band and although the remaining members continued on for a while and they disbanded in 1993.

They have had a couple of reunions but played their final show on 30th April 2004. They split up just as a new single was about to be released in May 2004 - Let Me Go Home (UK Charts #52).

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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