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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Alphabet Beats #151: V is for....Vincent as in Rhonda

V is for....

Rhonda Vincent has been involved with the Bluegrass scene since she was an 5 year old child playing alongside her family in The Sally Mountain Band. She's gone on to build a reputation as a prime exponent of the Bluegrass genre and has found herself in much demand working alongside artists like Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker and Alan Jackson to name but a few. 

She's a multi-instrumentalist having learnt to play Mandolin at age 8, Guitar aged 10, and the Fiddle as well. She recorded her first single in 1970 (at 8 years old!), a version of Mule Skinner Blues (a song that she still to this day performs in concert). Her first solo album was released in 1988 titled New and Sunshine (which would be reissued again in 1991). In all she has released 18 studio albums and 1 Compilation to her name. I'll try and find as many of them as I can and stick up links below, click on them to enjoy the music.

The Music
(*incomplete - link contains at least one song from the particular album. All other links are for Complete Albums)
Trouble Free (1996)*
My Blue Tears (2002 Compilation)
One Step Ahead (2003)*
Ragin' Live (2005)
Taken (2010)*
Only Me (2014)*
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