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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Kate Pierson - Guitars and Microphones (2015)

The first thing that strikes me listening to the Debut Solo Album of Kate Pierson is why on earth has she not done this before? The second thing is, this does not sound like a woman who is 66 years old! Thirdly, Kate on this album reminds me a little of Mary Weiss (The Shangri-Las) - and that's not a bad thing in my book.

Musically there are no great surprises as it is clear to see how she has developed as a singer over the space of 40 years with one of the great alternative bands ever in The B-52's, though this time she's out on her own without the aid of Fred and Cindy. This is pop music at it's finest though and it's great to see her spreading her wings on her own.

My favourites so far after just a few listens are the opener 'Throw Down the Roses' and 'Time Wave Zero'.

Live in New York 25th February 2015

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