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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Rewind: 2009 - Wilco Release Wilco (The Album)

Released 30th June 2009
Nonesuch Records
US Chart #4
UK Chart #49

The seventh studio album from Alternative Rock Group Wilco. Prior to its release tha album was streamed on the band's official website due to it being leaked on the internet.

The Self-Titled album (otherwise known as 'The Album') was recorded in New Zealand at Roundhead Studios owned by Tim Finn of Crowded House fame.

It was the first Wilco album to contain a duet on it as the band came together with Canadian Indie Folk Artist Feist on the song 'You and I'.

My great confession is that I kind of bypassed Wilco for quite a few years and it was only when they did The Mermaid Avenue albums with Billy Bragg that I began to sit up and take notice of them. 

Jeff Tweedy is the kind of bloke that I really like because he has a love for music that goes beyond his own band and his work with Mavis Staples for instance, is something I am really appreciative of.

Wilco - (The Album) Live
  1. "Wilco (The Song)"
  2. "Deeper Down
  3. "One Wing"
  4. "Bull Black Nova"
  5. "You and I"
  6. "You Never Know"
  7. "Country Disappeared"
  8. "Solitaire"
  9. "I'll Fight"
  10. "Sonny Feeling"
  11. "Everlasting Everything" .
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