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Monday, 15 June 2015

Alphabet Beats #157: W is for....Weller as in Paul

W is for....

For Coxy of The 'Boro

In the 'Ultimate Music Guide: Paul Weller' from the makers of Uncut Magazine Paul Weller kicks it off with a great editorial speaking about how he wants to leave behind a legacy, and songwriting to name two things. On the latter he said:

"I bash away on an instrument - guitar or piano, sometimes bass - and I come up with a random chord sequence, or a riff that I like, and I work from there. And before you know it, a song starts to take shape. It takes on a life of its own. It's kind of a magical process. I love that...I think I've got better at it over the years..."

He began with The Jam, took a musical detour or three with The Style Council and then was left alone to find himself and get that "magical process" working again as he began in 1991 a solo career that has spanned 24 years! That bashing away on an instrument has resulted in 12 studio albums, 4 Live albums, 4 compilations, 4 EPs and 39 singles and a raft of video and DVD projects. His latest 'Saturn's Patterns' (included below) was released on 18th May of this year and once again he's out touring.

With his own mouth he has said, regarding the legacy of his music, "It's not all great, but a lot of it is." And that's not meant as some kind of big-headed boast, it's just a very clear reality.

So today's Alphbet Beats is absolutely loaded with music by one of the great songwriters and it's to that we now turn.

Click on the links to enjoy the sound of the Woking Wonder, Mr Paul Weller.

The Albums
Paul Weller (1992)
Wild Wood (1993)
Days of Speed (2001)
Illumination (2002)
Studio 150 (2004)
As Is Now (2005)

Catch-Flame! (2006)

Selected Singles/EP's and More
Into Tomorrow
Uh Huh Oh Yeah.
Wild Wood.
Out of the Sinking.
The Changingman.
You Do Something To Me.
Broken Stones.
Peacock Suit.
Brand New Start.
Come Together.
All I Wanna Do.
White Sky.
Saturn's Patterns.
Going My Way
American Radio Set 2010.
All Along the Watchtower.
Man in the Cornershop (Glasgow 2003).
Shout to the Top (Live in Sydney).
In the City (Electric Proms).
That's Entertainment (with Bradley Wiggins).
Later with Jools Holland Special...Paul Weller (1996).
A Town Called Malice.
Running on the Spot/Start (October 2012)
The Changingman with Mick Jones (Victoria Hall, Stoke 2015).
Woodcutters Son (T in the Park 2008).

Update 24/5/2016 
Some of the links are probably dead on this, I've changed the ones that I could find but sadly the others seem to have been removed.
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