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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Alphabet Beats #159: W is for....Williams as in Holly

W is for...

Holly Williams

Holly Williams is an American country music artist, though certainly not bound by that genre. She is the granddaughter of Hank Williams, Sr., the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. and half-sister of Hank Williams III. Williams has released three studio albums: The Ones We Never Knew in 2004, Here with Me in 2009 and The Highway in 2013. The Highway was released on Williams' own label, Georgiana Records and made its debut at number 1 on the Billboard heat-seekers chart.

I stumbled over Holly's debut album not too long after it came out, not exactly certain now if I'd heard a track on the radio or read something about it, but I got it. There's been time inbetween releases, she and her sister had a series car accident in 2006 and Here With Me followed three years down the road from her debut.

Her 2013 album 'The Highway' is such a beautifully crafted album. One of my favourites from that year.

Enjoy the music by clicking on the links.

Here With Me (2009)
(*due to not having studio version from the album this an alternative version of the song) 
    1."He's Making a Fool Out of You" (Chuck Jones, Holly Williams) – 3:56
    2. "Mama" (Williams) – 2:52
    3. "I Hold On" (Chris Janson, Williams) – 2:45*
        duet with Chris Janson
    4. "Keep the Change" (Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey) – 3:33
    5. "Let Her Go" (Marcus Hummon, Williams) – 3:31
    6. "Three Days in Bed" (Williams) – 2:50
    7. "Alone" (Williams) – 4:25
    8. "A Love I Think Will Last" (Janson, Williams) – 2:50
        duet with Chris Janson
    9. "Gone With the Morning Sun" (Tom Bukovac, Sarah Buxton, Greg Vorobiov) – 3:38*
    10. "Without Jesus Here with Me" (Williams) – 3:25
    11. "Birds" (Neil Young) – 2:34

The Highway (2013)

More Holly Williams

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