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Thursday, 17 December 2015

8 Days of Christmas #1: Half Man Half Biscuit

I know it's meant to be the 12 Days of Christmas but as I have an aversion to Christmas Music anytime before at least a week before the event I have decided to start 8 Days before!

To me there's nothing worse than hearing Christmas Music in October and that's when it all begins for shops etc (though some have been known to start earlier). Some of the songs I actually quite like but if I've had to hear them constantly for two months prior to the day then I find I'm a bit of a grump and don't end up enjoying any Christmas Music at all!

So for the next 8 Days you'll be getting some known and not so well known Christmas Songs.

First tip of the hat goes to Half Man Half Biscuit and their little ditty It's Clichéd to be Cynical at Christmas.


They have another Christmas tune as well that is worth checking out: All I Want For Christmas is a Dulka Prague Away Kit.

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