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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Strummer Day #1: A Tribute To Joe Strummer 1952-2002

A nice collection of tunes by various Frontmen from bands like Chelsea, The Alarm, The Vibrators, The Business, 999, and U.K. Subs and a couple of others like Duncan Reid, Peter and the Test Tube Babies and RZT.

White Riot (Gene October)
Train In Vain (Knox)
White Man In Hammersmith Palais (Mike Peters)
London Calling (Mike Peters)
I Fought The Law (Gene October)
Police On My Back (Micky Fitz - The Business)
Complete Control (Kid Reid)
Tommy Gun (Nick Cash)
Rock The Casbah (Peter of Test Tube Babies 'fame')
Guns Of Brixton (RTZ Global)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Knox)
Police and Thieves (Charlie Harper)
Clash City Rockers (Micky Fitz)
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