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Friday, 4 December 2015

S4L's Day in The River! #4: The River Live

Songs from The River Album (and songs associated with the Album) have featured in live sets by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (and his solo work) and this post will have a look at the statistics since 1980 to ascertain what are the most played songs in Live Performance. There's links for either live audio or concert performance for all the songs so don't forget to click on the links!

To begin with though, he's only ever done it once, and it's probably unlikely he'll ever do it again, a full performance of The River album in sequence in New York back in 2009 stands as one of the best performances ever by Bruce and the band.

Working On A Dream Tour
Madison Square Gardens, New York
8th November 2009
The River Album Played in sequence

How Many Times Has This Song Been Played Live?:
Hungry Heart 637 (I actually have at least 300 live versions on my computer!)
Out in the Street 602*
Tempe, Arizona

Ramrod 449*
Tempe, Arizona

Be True 70*
*featured on
The Ties That Bind - The River Collection Boxset

All statistics are taken From the Greasy Lake. If they are wrong in anyway then it's their issue not mine.
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