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Thursday, 10 December 2015

The S4L Debut Album of the Year 2015: Response - The Spitfires

Here's a  Mod band called The Spitfires that my mate Coxy has been going on about a lot and at every chance possible encouraging us to have a listen. Having taken the advice of my buddy from up in the North East, who knows a thing or two about music, I dived in and discovered a fantastic sound from a bunch of youngsters hailing from Watford.

It seems I wasn't the only one impressed with them as BBC pundit and former Chelsea player, the niffty footed Pat Nevin was also quite taken with the album (read his full review here):
 "As far as debut albums go, Response has the depth and the innovation to get people listening and that’s the most important thing. Yet it goes beyond that in so many ways because the listener has something special in his hands that may just prove to be a catalyst not just for the band, but for an entire generation of young people who haven’t had a spokesman to air their frustrations until now. There’s a massive hole in the industry at the moment because nobody is talking about the problems these youngsters are facing. The Spitfires are more than aware of what they’re going through and, more importantly, they’re not afraid to scream about it so that others just have to listen."

I read quite a number of reviews across many websites from Bloggers to Magazines and to a man everyone of them was really positive about the band and the album.

The band's influences shine through (The Jam, The Clash) but do not overpower and through the 13 tracks it is clear that Billy Sullivan is a very gifted songwriter and musician.

Move On Up Blog has done a great breakdown of each track and you can check that out as you listen to the album here.

Hope you enjoy the music. Click on the links for further investigation and listening pleasure.

I'm more than happy to toss my hat in the ring and declare that The S4L Debut Album of the Year 2015 is Response - The Spitfires.

Response - The Spitfires
Catch 22 Records
Released August 2015 
The Spitfires are:
Billy Sullivan - Vocals and Guitar
Sam Long - Bass
Matt Johnson - Drums
Chris Chanell - Keyboards


 Stand Down
Seranade Part 1.
I'm Holdin' On.


On iTunes you can get the album with a Bonus Track From Cradle to Grave (the link is for a live version of the song and not the studio version that features on the album)

The S4L Debut Album 
of the Year 2015

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