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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Rewind: 1979 Setting Sons - The Jam

Fourth album from The Jam. It started out as a concept album but after a few songs lost its way a bit but overall it was yet another brilliant album from the Woking Wonders. A magnificent follow up to what many have said is their best album ever (All Mod Cons), though Weller thinks that Sound Affects is the best one.

There's loads of links here so click on them to enjoy further music from The Jam.

This is a bumper edition of Rewind with Promo videos, Live videos, TV performances, Live Shows, the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions of the album, Peel Session, Singles A's and B's, and a bonus of Paul Weller playing a couple of songs of The Jam and Bruce Foxton's outfit From The Jam performing the songs of the Setting Sons album taken from different shows between 2014-15.

Setting Sons - The Jam
Produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven
Released 17th November 1979
UK Chart #4
US Chart #137

    Paul Weller
    Bruce Foxton
    Rick Buckler
    "Merton" Mick - piano
    Rudi - saxophone
    The Jam Philharmonic Orchestra - cello, timpani, recorder

All songs by Paul Weller except as noted.
Side one
    "Girl on the Phone"
    "Thick as Thieves"
    "Private Hell"
    "Little Boy Soldiers"

Side two
    "Burning Sky"
    "Smithers-Jones" (Bruce Foxton)
    "Saturday's Kids"
    "The Eton Rifles"
    "Heat Wave" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)

On 17th November 2014 to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of its release Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions of Setting Sons were issued.
Here's the Deluxe Edition that includes various bonus tracks and also the live recording of the show at Brighton in 1979.

The Super Deluxe Version came with a further disc of Demos and Alternative Takes and the John Peel Session from 1979 and a DVD of Promos and Top of the Pops performances and also BBC2's Something Else.

Further songs/performances related to Setting Sons.
March 1979
UK Chart #15

August 1979
UK Chart #17

November 1979
UK Chart #3

March 1980
UK Chart #1

*The only single actually taken from the album. The others were added to the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions. It was also the only single by The Jam not to have a video shot for it.

The Eton Rifles - BBC Something Else
When You're Young - BBC Something Else

Paul Weller

From The Jam (ft Bruce Foxton)
Setting Sons Album (various shows)
Thanks to Nigel Adams for the videos

Official From The Jam Live

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