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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rewind: 1988 Green - R.E.M.

Green is the sixth studio album from Atlanta natives R.E.M. and their first for Warner Bros. after departing I.R.S. Records once they had released their last album for the label (Document).

Some fans accused the band of selling out by going with a major like Warner Bros. but the band defended the decision because Warners Bros. had promised them total creative control.

I wasn't a huge fan of the band before Green, and once I heard this album it was a game changer. The album contains my favourite R.E.M. song World Leader Pretend. It's still my favourite R.E.M. album and one that gets played on a regular basis.

A huge world tour was taken in support of the album and a film was made as a record of it - Watch Tourfilm Here.

Click on the links to enjoy further musical sounds from R.E.M.

Green - R.E.M.
Warner Bros.
Produced by Scott Lit and R.E.M.
Released 7th November 1988
UK Chart # 27
US Chart # 12
    Bill Berry – drums and backing vocals, bass guitar on "You Are the Everything", "The Wrong Child", and "Hairshirt"
    Peter Buck – guitar, mandolin, drums on "Eleventh, Untitled Song"
    Mike Mills – bass guitar, keyboards, accordion, backing vocals
    Michael Stipe – vocals

Additional musicians
    Bucky Baxter – pedal steel guitar on "World Leader Pretend"
    Keith LeBlanc – percussion on "Turn You Inside-Out"
    Jane Scarpantoni – cello on "World Leader Pretend"

Singles on Green
"Orange Crush"
Released: December 1988
UK Chart #28

Released: January 1989
US Chart #6
UK Chart #48

"Pop Song 89"
Released: May 1989
US Chart #89

"Get Up"
Released: September 1989

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