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Sunday, 31 January 2016

45RPM: #78 A Popsong - Wreckless Eric (1980)

On this day in 1980, Wreckless Eric released his sixth single, "A Popsong". It was backed by a remixed version of "Reconnez Cherie", an earlier single. The A side appeared on his third album, Big Smash

Wreckless Eric released a number of brilliant singles on Stiff and they all should have been huge hits I reckon: Whole Wide World (Buy 16 1977), Reconnez Cherie (Buy 25 1978), Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.) (Buy 34 1978), Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Buy 40 1978), Hit and Miss Judy (Buy 49 1979) and Broken Doll (Buy 75 1980).

A-Side: A Popsong 
B-Side: Reconnez Cherie
Stiff (Buy 64)
Released 30th January 1980
Produced by Bazza

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