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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 14 - Kathleen Edwards Where Art Thou?

As this daily series has no real structure as such I'm left to my own devices as to what I put in it and the moment I have pressed publish on yesterday's post I'm already wondering what on earth I'm going to do for today. I often browse through my music collection seeking a spot of inspiration or I might hear a song or a bit of news or even on one of my daily visits to loved music sites I might be reminded an album that was released on this day in history or something like that, you get the picture. Other times, like last evening (I always prepare Today's post the night before), a person comes to mind, an artist who I haven't thought about in awhile and that led me to searching around trying to pick up a morsel or two about what that person is doing with themselves.

Kathleen Edwards' name popped into my head (and if you are wondering who on earth is she and what's that got to with this blogpost, be patient I'll get there) and I thought, "I wonder what she's up to these days". It's been four years since her fourth album Voyageur was released (oh sorry, I forgot to mention she's a singer-songwriter and musician who hails from Canada).

By happy coincidence Kathleen's debut album, Failer, was released on this day back in 2003 - I know, how odd to be thinking about her and then to discover that little ditty of information!

I can't recall where or when I first stumbled upon her music, I know it was not too long after the debut album came out (actually it was seeing a performance of Six O'Clock News on Letterman). But from the start I was quite taken by her sound, which someone described as a cross between Suzanne Vega and Neil Young - hey, that's not something to turn your nose up at is it?

In 2005 she released Back To Me that included a great wee single In State. Three years later she released her third album in March called Asking For Flowers. The Canadian Press said of the album's tracklist, "unlike your average floral arrangement, there's not a dud in the bunch."

One of the things I liked about the debut (and infact all her work) is the honesty of the songs and the many different characters who turn up in them.

Anyway, for no other reason than I was thinking about her last night I post her debut album here just incase you've never heard her before.

Oh, I almost forgot, I gave this post a title, Kathleen Edwards Where Art Thou? And so I thought I should check out what she's up to because it seemed like it must be time for a fifth album some day soon - well that's not going to happen for a while as in 2014 Kathleen decided to take an indefinite break from music. She opened a Coffee shop in Stittsville, Ontario called Quitters Coffee (a name she says is tongue-in-cheek and not a declaration of her intent to leave music altogether). Hopefully it won't be too long until she manages to gather some great ideas for a new record.

Failer - Kathleen Edwards
 MapleMusic (Canada)
Rounder (USA and Europe)
Produced by Dave Draves
Released 14th January 2003

Kathleen Edwards – vocals, acoustic guitar, strings, piano, feedback
Peter von Althen – drums, percussion
Kevin McCarragher – bass
Jim Bryson – electric guitar, banjo, vocals
Dave Draves – organ, piano, vibes, feedback
Fred Guignon – slide guitar, lap steel, national steel
Keith Snider – banjo
Joel Anderson – drums, percussion
Maury Lafoy – piano
Dave Dudley – drums
Petr Cancura – baritone, soprano saxophone
Tom Thompson – pedal steel
Blair Phillips – alto saxophone

Here's a little video where Kathleen talks about songwriting etc (Warning, there's some strong language a couple of times throughout her talk).

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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