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Friday, 8 January 2016

45RPM: #74-75 Motörhead (1977)

Motörhead had originally planned to release their debut single White Line Fever / Leaving Here on Stiff Records (BUY9) in December 1976 but United Artists put a block on it but it did come out in 1977 on French label Skydog. The French release swapped the sides around so Leaving Here was the A-Side and White Line Fever was relegated to the B-Side. In 1980 they would release the song Leaving Here as part of The Golden Years Live EP and even managed to get on Top of the Pops!

 Leaving Here/White Line Fever
Skydog (France)

Motörhead / City Kids
Chiswick Records
June 1977

Motörhead was the last song that Lemmy wrote for Hawkwind was released as a B-Side to their Kings of Speed single in March 1975, after being fired from the band he took the song title and made it the name of the band.

Tormorrow is the funeral of Lemmy Kilmister and it's being streamed live on You Tube. Here's a link for it if you are wanting to watch - CLICK HERE!

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