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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Rewind: 1968 Live At Kelvin Hall - The Kinks

Recorded on 1st April 1967 in Glasgow's Scene '67 Theatre inside Kelvin Hall. The Kinks played two sets along with the supporting cast of Sounds Incorporated and The Fortunes. The show was the last of a ten day Teen music festival sponsored by the Daily Record and a local disco.

The album did not do well on it's release and in the States and it did no better with the UK release five months later! It's easy to see why it went down like a deflated pudding.

The crowd noise throughout the album is basically a tape loop and the band clearly went into the studio after the recording to "sweeten" the sound. It all makes the album sound very tinny I think. It's an interesting document from the point of view that not a lot of the bands at the time like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who had thrown their hats in the ring to release a live record.

Live At Kelvin Hall - The Kinks
Pye Records (Reprise US)
Produced by Ray Davies
Released 12th January 1968 
(In the US it was actually released 16th August 1967)
UK Chart N/A
US Chart #162

Track list:
1."Till the End of the Day"
2."A Well Respected Man"
3."You're Lookin' Fine"
4."Sunny Afternoon"
6."I'm On An Island"
7."Come On Now"
8."You Really Got Me"
9.Medley: "Milk Cow Blues", "Batman Theme", "Tired of Waiting for You"

    Ray Davies: lead vocal, backing vocals on "Come On Now", rhythm guitar
    Dave Davies: lead guitar, backing vocals, co-lead vocal on medley, lead vocal on "You're Looking Fine", "Come On Now"
    Pete Quaife: bass guitar, backing vocals
    Mick Avory: drums
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