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Monday, 25 January 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 25 - For The Love of the Game

Yesterday was a great day for me. You see I'm a bit of a sports fan and Sunday 24th January 2016 there was a bit a Double Header of joy as firstly my football team, Chelsea, beat London rivals Arsenal 1-0 in the Premier League in the afternoon. Considered underdogs due to their poor form most of the season (they were Champions last season but found themselves struggling in the bottom half of the table this year) but they got the win and under interim boss Guus Hiddink who has led them to their best performances of the year so far with three wins and four draws in the last seven games. They have moved up the table from close to the bottom to 13th in the league. So that was Round One of the Double Header.

Round Two came later in the evening as the spotlight turned to Denver, Colorado, as my NFL team Denver Broncos were set for battle against the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship and a place in Super Bowl 50.  Even though Denver was the #1 Seed in the AFC they were still considered to be underdogs. This turned out to be one of those great games with a nail biting finish that causes the blood pressure to raise and much pacing, and not being able to look as the Pats found a will to move the ball and bring the game within two points only to have their hopes dashed by failing the tying 2pt conversion that would have taken the game into overtime. Denver came out 20-18 winners and the Pats were left bruised and battered. Denver were led by a Quarterback who many were saying was washed up, too old, can't throw, can't run. Peyton Manning made all the naysayers eat their hats!

Anyway, all of that led me to think of this song by Pillar. It's a song not necessarily about sports, but about life and how a person lives it with great determination and is focused on the prize. So, maybe you haven't heard it before, here's the lyrics to the song, let's live our lives, for the love of the game!

For The Love Of The Game

Consumed by reputation,
It's what they say that gets you down,
You find new motivation,
Inside this new love that you've found,
It's now your navigation,
To keep your head engaged, oh yeah,
Your final destination,
Keeps you focused on the win

Count me in, but don't count me out,
You can't shut me up, you can't shut me down,
Fight through the hurt,
Fight through the pain,
Without the ache there is no gain,
We live our lives for the love of the game

And we will rise,
This is our time,
Don't let the chances of our lifetime pass us by,
And we will rise,
This is our time,
We'll give this everything we've got,
For the love of the game

Reach for a new elevation,
And see just how high we can go,
Full blown determination,
Will take us further than we know,
My own anticipation,
Keeps the fire from burning out,
It's time for domination,
No one will ever take us down

'Cause I won't give up,
I won't give in

For the love of the game

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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