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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

45RPM: #92 I'm The One - Slaughter & The Dogs (1980)

I'm The One - Slaughter & The Dogs
DJM Records
Engineered by John Cooper
Released June 1980

This is the third single by Slaughter & The Dogs to be featured in the 45RPM Series. The Manchester band had split in 1979 but reformed to release You're Ready Now in November 1979 but by the end of the year lead vocalist Wayne Barrett had departed (again!) and Ed Garrity was brought on board. Ed of course was well known in Punk circles having been the Ed in Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds and Ed Banger and His Group Therapy.

The band changed their name, dropping & The Dogs, and recorded and released Bite Back in May 1980 as Slaughter (produced by the brilliant Dale Griffin). East Side of Town had been released as a single in February 1980, and it sounded absolutely nothing like the band of old! I'm not sure why they reverted back to Slaughter & The Dogs but maybe it had something to do with the album not selling so well and the sort of change of image from a Punk Band to a more AOR type band!

I'm The One at least regained a little of that old Slaughter & The Dogs fire as did the B-Sides.

A-Side: I'm The One

B-Side: What's Wrong Boy (Live)

B-Side: Hell In New York

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