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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 182 - The Real Kids

The Real Kids - The Real Kids
Red Star Records
Produced by The Real Kids and Marty Thau
Released 1977

Tracklisting for Original Album
 A1- All Kindsa Girls
A2- Solid Gold (Thru And Thru)
A3- Rave On
A4- Better Be Good
A5- Taxi Boys
A6- Just Like Darts
B1- She's Alright
B2- My Baby's Book   
B3- Roberta
B4- Do The Boob
B5- My Way
B6- Raggae Raggae

The Real Kids are maybe a band that are quite unknown to many. They have surprisingly been on the go since 1972 in one form or another and word is they are currently planning a new album as a follow-up to their 2014 offering Shake...Outta Control on Ace of Hearts Records.

Now, the band were formed in Boston in 1972. Guitarist, Vocalist and Songwriter John Felice at 15 years of age had actually been in the original line-up of The Modern Lovers with Jonathan Richman. Due to school commitments he did not record the original Modern Lovers Album. He started The Real Kids (originally called The Kids) in 1972 and they made a name for themselves playing live in the Boston area. Boston Rock Storybook says of the band that they played "an aggressive brand of straight-ahead, no-bullshit rock which harkened back to Chuck Berry, had overtones of the British Invasion groups at their mod finest, yet pointed the way towards the Punk to come".

Quite why it took them so long to record and release anything I have no idea but their debut single and debut album in 1977 showed exactly what they were all about. It's a pretty good sound that some would probably call Power Pop or New Wave, they wouldn't be classed as a Punk band though they did have a real attitude to their music that would have been in line with some of the things happening in New York City at the same time with bands like the Ramones (a band that Felice also worked for as a roadie for a short time).

The biggest problem with The Real Kids is that they were not very consistent in releasing material, their second album Outta Place didn't come out until 1982. As for singles they were very few and far between stretched between 1977 - 2014.

Anyway, their standout moment I think is the Debut Album and I hope you enjoy having a listen today.

Just in passing, Red Star Records was founded by former New York Dolls manager Marty Thau. He co-produced the album and is also responsible for signing bands like Suicide and The Fleshtones to the label as well as releasing music from Richard Hell and The Voidoids.

Singles from The Real Kids

Sponge Records (French Release)
Original 1977 version is a little bit different timewise to the eventual release on Red Star Records. This original version of the song did not get a release in the USA until 1993 on the Norton Label.

Red Star Records/Bronze (UK Release)
1978 (I think)

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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