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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 171 - Status Quo

Live! - Status Quo
Produced by Status Quo & Damon Lyon-Shaw
Released March 1977
UK Chart #3

Note on the Playlist
The song order corresponds to the setlist on the double vinyl album of 1977,
or Re-iissue as a double CD.

Songs that do not correspond to the original-audio-material are:
02 Backwater / Just Take Me - live in Lyon 13/2/77 (audio taken off vinyl bootleg)
04 In My Chair - live in Lyon 13/2/77 (audio taken off vinyl bootleg)
07 Roll over lay down (this is a link for the Live! version)
10 Rain 

A1     Junior's Wailing    
A2     Backwater / Just Take Me
A3     Is There A Better Way
A4     In My Chair
B1     Little Lady / Most Of The Time
B2     Forty-Five Hundred Times
C1     Roll Over Lay Down
C2     Big Fat Mama    
C3a     Caroline    
C3b     Bye Bye Johnny
D1     Rain    
D2     Don't Waste My Time
D3     Roadhouse Blues

    Francis Rossi - guitar, vocals
    Rick Parfitt - guitar, vocals
    Alan Lancaster - bass, vocals
    John Coghlan - drums
    Bob Young - harmonica
    Andy Bown-keyboards

Yesterdays post on The Greatest Hits Live album by Ramones got me thinking that maybe it would be good in this coming week to shine the spotlight on Live Albums that I really like and so today we kick off with one of my most favourite ones of all-time.

Recorded over the course of three days (27-29 October) at the Glasgow Apollo in 1976 Live! is a record of Status Quo's Blue For You Tour. It was their first Live Album (to date they have released six).

Getting released in 1977 it probably would have been one of those albums that the Punks would have a moan about as it contained a couple of tracks that could easily been seen as over-indulgence by the band (Forty Five Hundred Times clocking in at 16 minutes and 35 seconds and a cover of The Doors' Roadhouse Blues clocking in at 14 minutes and 16 seconds). But even though at the time I was listening and buying mainly Punk records no amount of mocking by the "Punk Elite" would dampen my enthusiasm for a live Status Quo record!

Not sure what albums will follow this one in the coming week, I'll have a wee dig around and see what I can come up with that will tickle your musical tastebuds.

Dedicated to my buddy Phil Kean and his Status Quo Tribute band On The Level.

Also a little shout out to Rick Parfitt who seems to be having some heart troubles again. I hope that he's able to rest up and get better soon.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!
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