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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

45RPM: #101 Something That I Said - Ruts (1979)

Something That I Said / Give Youth A Chance
Produced by Mick Glossop, The Ruts & Bob Sargeant
Released 31st August 1979
UK Chart #29

A-Side: Something That I Said

B-Side: Give Youth A Chance


Following up a massive Top Ten single in Babylon's Burning was never going to be an easy matter and as a foretaste of the up and coming Debut Album The Crack, Ruts released the most excellent Something That I Said

Something That I Said had previously been recorded for the band's second John Peel Session recorded on the 14 May 1979. You can have a listen to the full session here. This third single (and second for Virgin) doesn't often get the kudos I think it deserves and that's why it's a cool thing to include it as part of the 45RPM Series.

The B-Side, Give Youth A Chance was originally titled Black Man's Pinch and was part of the Debut Session for John Peel in January 1979. A lot of people always go on about how great The Clash were when it came to the use of Reggae in their songs and rightly so but personally I think the Ruts were so much better at it than Strummer and Co. The band had a genuine affection for Reggae and no doubt hanging out with the likes of Misty in Roots improved their playing of it and made it sound quite natural, whereas with The Clash sometimes it comes across a bit forced! I'll probably get a few fans of The Clash give me grief for that, but I think I am in a position to say it as I am also a fan of them!

Anyway, don't get too caught up in the whole issue of who played Reggae the best and miss out on what was a cracking single.
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